Investment excellence that inspires client confidence

Bowie earns the trust and confidence of our partners through a rigorous investing approach that generates strong returns and delivers on what it promises: a singular focus on quality, consistent frameworks and processes, and transparency.

The Bowie Story

Bowie’s founder, Cory Whitaker, bought his first stock when he was fourteen. Nearly thirty years later, that stock is in our portfolio and epitomizes Bowie’s long-term, multi-generational approach to investing. To be successful with this approach, you must understand why a business will continue to thrive decades from now. That vision, executed with patience and discipline, drives our commitment to investment excellence for our partners. The firm is named after Bowie, Texas, Cory’s hometown where his passion for investing was born.

The foundational investment 
of your overall portfolio

We offer a portfolio of the world’s highest-quality companies opportunistically purchased at attractive prices. Our proven frameworks and consistent process, executed by a seasoned team, are why entrepreneurs and institutions choose Bowie as their primary investment. 

Our firm is built on a time-tested model:
Strategy + Execution + Time = Investing Success

Serving thoughtful investors who share our long-term outlook

Our partners are savvy investors with a long-term orientation. They are successful business owners and wealth creators, family offices, and premier institutional investors.

See how we help them reach their unique objectives and learn how our approach could serve you.

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Q4 2023 Letter - Bowie Capital

Dear Partner,

We are proud of how we have executed our strategy through the last few years’ turmoil; mostly, I am pleased with how this year unfolded and how the returns were generated. We can best explain our year’s good fortune by thinking of it in three layers: 1) staying the course in a good strategy; 2) leaning into more technology shares in 2022 when it was considered out-of-favor to capture the strong recovery; 3) picking off a select few opportunities uniquely positioned for strong...

Cory Whitaker
– Feb 05 2024
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Q3 2023 Letter - Bowie Capital

Dear Partner,

After such a strong start to the year, the third quarter’s relapse was not entirely unexpected. A sell-off in long-term Treasury bonds triggered broad risk aversion and valuation compression across most asset classes. Notably, bonds are now in their third consecutive year of losses, an unprecedented event in modern financial history. The recent eighty-four basis point surge in yields represents the largest quarterly increase in...

Cory Whitaker
– Nov 16 2023
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Podcast: CFA Society of Dallas Fort Worth and Cory Whitaker of Bowie Capital

Bowie Capital's CIO, Cory Whitaker, joins host Paul Olschwanger on the CFA Society Podcast to talk through Bowie's strategy and process, the benefits of owning high-quality businesses for a long period of time, and how the CFA Charterholder impacted his career...

Bowie Capital
– Jun 02 2022
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